Who is McKenzie?

It is my pleasure to introduce Peter Stanway's latest material. He is a personal friend and I know him as a man of integrity. He is a Pastor/Teacher/Author and Media specialist. I strongly recommend his work as it is faith inspired and biblically sound.


The intriguing and mysterious McKenzie stories will appeal to a wide range of people (Christians and non-Christians) from diverse cultures and countries.
Everyone will identify in some way with the central character, McKenzie.
That means that you and I will empathise with elements and aspects of McKenzie's life, but just who is McKenzie?
Buy NOW: http://www.peterstanwaybooks.com/buy.html coming soon, chapter-by-chapter, McKenzie's Companion follows and explains more fully the meaning of the bible passages used in Who is McKenzie?
 McKenzie's Companion is for those who want to delve deeper into the Word of God.
 McKenzie's Companion will be published in early 2012 but, to avoid the rush, you can order your pre-publication copy now!:


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