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The Christmas Giveaway was a huge success and only two of the thirty hampers were not collected. During the week that the toys were given out and people entered into the FREE Prize Draw, we conducted a survey in Liskeard. Talking to local people proved to be very eye opening, their opinions on the current econmic condition helped us to understand how great the needs are in Cornwall. It is never an easy thing to ask for help but from the survey we gathered that people are desperate enough to voice concerns.Following are the results of the survey:


During the big giveaway, a survey was conducted. Members of the public were asked to participate in order to ascertain their understanding of the current financial situationand how a FREE STOREHOUSE would benefit the community and help with the needs of those struggling with financial difficulties.

The results were as follows:


1. Compared to 10 years ago do you believe that there is an increase in the number of people struggling financially to make ends meet? 100% agreed

2. Does the strain of financial pressure cause much of the depression that people are experiencing today? 95% Agreed One person felt that some people were working more hours to make more money to make ends meet and that this was a contributing factor.


3. Would people in such difficult situations benefit from counselling and support to manage finances? 90% agreed, 10% were not sure that people would be willing to go for debt management

4. Would a giveaway storehouse which offers counselling and support benefit those in very difficult situations or do you feel that it would only fuel laziness? 100 agreed that counselling and support is necessary so that genuine needs could be met. With careful selection a giveaway storehouse would benefit the community. 5% expressed concern that it would fuel laziness if not carefully monitored.

5. Would you refer a genuine need that fit into the above criteria so that they can improve their circumstances?100% said “YES”

6. Do you have any further comments?

Following are the comments people made: 

  • Very good idea

    Pride might get in the way .if desperate enough pride might not be an issue.Give them dignity

    Government could help rather than help terrorists and criminals. Gluten free diet needs to be catered for as well

    It would be helpful for people who are struggling with finances

    Credit card culture has to stop. People need to be re- educated and need to earn

    Referrals are necessary

    Charity things too expensive, soup kitchen, cultural kitchen (really chea)p good

    meeting place for other people in need

    Making sure the right ones get the help

    Financial help from government to increased considerably although not in that

    circumstance lower paid people are penalised

    take care in selection; give consideration to older people because of pride

    Work with other organisations like Rusty Bucket and Foodbank.

    A general storehouse would be very useful

    Be careful of exploits +uses!! Elderly should have priority

    Very sad for young people

    Fantastic idea-needs to be out there

    There is so much need hidden behind the ‘’I’m fine face ! ‘’

    Need to target resources to those really in need. Need to home good idea what

    is already available and work with and complement these

    Needs to bring everyone together

    Feels things may like go Greece

    With 4 children, partner working no benefits -struggling

    There will always be those that try to exploit

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