Kenya Testimony

From Street Begger to Fine Artist
The Testimony of Alex Ouma Onyango
From Nairobi, Kenya

I was born into a poor family in the remote village of Kangayi in the Nyanza Province where there was a blend of socio-cultural practices such as witchcraft, taboos and other associated things. My family was poor and I struggled to complete my education. After only just passing my exams I moved to the city to find work. Due to the lack of jobs in Kenya, I resorted to being a hawker, a dangerous and unpredictable job. I quickly lost hope and became depressed.

In 2003 my parents, brother and sisters died one after the other with the same symptoms and I was left alone. I married a lady who dropped out of school to accompany me through the hard times. Other family members became interested in our land and in January 2004 we were forced to move to Eldoret because they threatened my life.

Unable to find work, we could not afford to pay the rent or even to feed ourselves. I became frustrated with life and spent most of my life begging on the streets just to survive. We sat in torn clothes and everyone in that place knew our story.

Then it happened, my story changed. I thank God that the team came to Kenya in April 2004. Someone handed me a tract called ‘Life Could Be Better’. This touched me and as a result I went to the crusade that followed. On the night that I visited the crusade I got there early believing I would receive my miracle. First of all an elderly man (Donald Ough) got up and preached the good news. When you took the microphone you preached how life can change for those who decide to follow Jesus Christ. Afterwards you made an alter call and I ran forward with tears running down my cheeks. You prayed with me and the only word I can recall is “Brother, you will cry no more. Your God has heard your cry”.

After the meeting, I went home and told my family that I am saved and won’t beg again and that God can make a way where there seems to be no way. A week later I realised that I need to do something to feed my family. I thought a lot about this and started to draw teaching aids for nursery schools. At first my drawings were ugly, but I asked God to give me a talent with art. To my surprise, I was getting better each day until my drawings were of a high quality.

We have since moved back to Nairobi and life is promising again thanks to a prayer offering from your crusade. I also do murals, voluntarily, on the side of local shopping centres and other places like this. These address the moral behaviour of the slums and vulnerable communities.


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