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I was recently asked “what does Bethel Ministries do” and found it very difficult to answer as there is just so much to say or maybe nothing at all because the testimonies speak for themselves. When I reflect on the last year, I catch a glimpse of one or two things we have done. I can hardly remember what I have done with all the time that I had yesterday, but the day was full and I am tired at the end of it. The problem is not that we are doing nothing, it’s the fact that I do whatever God puts in my hands to do.

At Bethel Ministries, the whole man is ministered to: Body, Soul and Spirit (mind, will and emotions):

     Spiritual Needs met at Upper Room through teaching and preaching(Spirit):
     I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

     Physical Needs met at R&R in a practical and caring way (Body)    
     For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,     I needed clothes and you clothed me

     Emotional Needs are met with love and compassion (Soul)
     Prayer and Counselling regularly offered to people with such need at the Upper Room

Below are some comments from trustees as to what they see Bethel Ministries provide:
Paul Jeffrey (Chairman of the Board of Trustees): Bethel Ministries is a Christian charity which preaches the gospel by demonstrating the love of God with action not just words. Providing support for example, to those affected by unemployment, displaced through domestic violence, widowed, or recovering from addiction has been a main focus of the ministry. A culture of a giving, local community spirit is achieved by donation of good quality items of household furniture or equipment. These items are then freely given to those in need from the store house which reinforces the principle of giving and blessing others rather than selling things for self-gain

Dennis Huggett (Trustee): It is a God centred missions organisation that outreaches to the nations through preaching, teaching and in practical expressions of the spirit and life of our lord Jesus Christ to fulfil the great commission by the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit and to help those in need.
Following are some testimonies since December 2012 to 15 March 2013:

Testimonies: many husbands are working but unable to adequately provide because the income is insufficient. Humbly brought to R&R, they accept and appreciate their needs being met. One husband was unable to work due to an injury but the dignity given by R&R gave them an opportunity to be thankful and grateful.

Person 1: After advising them of their win, wanted to know who we were and why we were doing this. Finally, he wrote in his last text: “thank u so much, I have nothing at the moment. I will c u on Monday at 9.30. Sorry about all the questions”. He collected his hamper on Monday 24 December. A week later he came back to see me and I prayed with him as he gave his life to Jesus. Jason now serves as part of the team and I disciple him on a weekly basis.

Person 2: A single mother with three sons came to collect her hamper. She was so grateful. She had also recently undergone surgery on her shoulder and explained that he sons were so good to her and being so helpful. I asked the boy if he had got anything for his mom (he was about 13/14 years old). He said no, so I gave him the gift from RED salon to give to her as a gift. She was very happy as she has been unable to wash her hair since the operation.

Fatherless and Widow: Supported a lady after she returned to the UK when her husband passed away. We helped her to find a house, furnished it, helped in every way possible to get her and the children settled into school and home. Now she has a job, a lovely home and everything she needs for the moment.

Person 4: One lady, who offered to volunteer for us, had done many courses to develop her admin skills but has been unable to find employment. She is over 50 and we could use her skills as well also give her an opportunity to gain experience.

Two pillows: what a difference to someone who “put up” for a long time with old pillows. She experienced a good night’s sleep after many months, pain free from carpal tunnel syndrome, just because of two new pillows.

Pregnant mother with no support during her pregnancy, her partner not around to raise the little boy she carries, leaves with lots of items for the unborn child. She is reported to have said “Now that is true Christianity, she made me feel so welcome and did not judge or criticise me for being a single mum”. She has also opened up her heart about her past struggles when she nursed her previous partner for two years before he died of cancer.

Tom, asbestos on his lungs asked us for a sofa bed because he needed somewhere for his carers to sleep when they had to stay overnight. Then he mentioned that his bed was full of bed mites and needed replacing. We did so as well as provide him with a decent mattress, new mattress cover, pillows and duvet. He is much more comfortable in his bed and sleeps like a baby (his words not mine). Tom has been talking more about his life and past hurts, even allowing me to pray for him when he was having hearing difficulty.

Mother with three disabled children and now teaching them through home schooling as they are safest at home, has been exceedingly generous with items to donate. Never taking anything back, she too is starting to open up with her past hurts.

March 1 2013, Met a homeless man on the streets who had a sign in front of him saying that he would work for food. Invited him to the Upper Room, gave him coffee and biscuits while I preached the gospel to him. As he ate and listened, I was aware that God was moving on him, so led him to Jesus. After he prayed the prayer, he vacuumed my office and Bethel Ministries treated him to lunch.

London Lady: a cousin to someone I regularly minister to came to see me because her situation was desperate. She had given her life to God last September but had not been to church since. I counselled her to seek the Lord’s forgiveness for past sins, to forgive those who have sinned against her, then prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I also encouraged her to find a church in London when she gets back.

Local lady: had given her life to the Lord many years ago, but not been filled with the Holy Spirit. She also requested prayer and received the Holy Spirit baptism.

Two Elderly parents: prayed with them both to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
Prayed for two people to find the right relationships and they have. All Glory to God.

About our Ministry
Sunday morning worship at BFM House, The Parade, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 6AF at 10.30am.

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10am to 1pm R&R

Street evangelism on Friday from 11.30am in Liskeard

For prayer and counselling call Wendy on 0800 112 3118 or 07595691622 to arrange an appointment for Tuesdays or Thursday.

 Vision and Mission Statement
With the Love of God shed abroad in our hearts, we have faith in God for a move of His Spirit on this nation and hope that all will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Registered Charity No: 1093490


Our desire is to see revival in Cornwall We long for a mighty move of Gods Holy Spirit throughout the County that spreads revival everywhere, The Body of Christ should be encouraged to fulfil their destiny and the only way they can do that is when they are made aware that they have a purpose. Our purpose is to strengthen Christians, irrespective of how long they have been born again in their walkwith God and with one another. We desire to see people set free from bondage so that they can walk in the liberty and fullness of life that Jesus acquired for us on the Cross.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT R&R: http://www.bethelministries.biz/R%20%2526%20R

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We always look forward to hearing from you, so please write to us at:

Wendy Bassett 07595691622

PO Box 80
PL14 3WG

Or email : cashmorewendy@hotmail.com